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Project: Pill Gates


Special Discounted Price: $9.95
Reg Price: $197



This Package Includes:

Project: Pill Gates — Secrets To A Multi-Billion Dollar Health Supplement Business Empire!

PLUS… You’ll also get an updated copy of the 2007 best selling book “Meet Pill Gates! Revealed: A Life Of A Multimillion-Dollar Health Supplement Tycoon”

In these incredible manuals, you’ll discover:

✔️ How Pill Gates got started in the Health supplement industry

✔️ Why his ‘black hole theory’ proves that the reason you’re not making online is because you’re literally robbing yourself!

✔️ What the weather man at your TV station can teach you about making money

✔️ How a casual ‘meeting’ with the South African doctor resulted in millions!

✔️ The ‘supply control’ strategy that allows you to dominate ANY market you choose!

✔️ The 2 emotions you absolutely must master if you want to get rich!

✔️ How to use the ‘Domino Theory’ to explode your business!

✔️ What the ‘automatic delivery club’ is and how this ONE concept can triple your annual profits!

✔️ The ‘automatic’ upsell strategy that will instantly put more cash in your pocket!

✔️ The Chessmaster ‘model’ of running your business and why your business is likely to make at least 10 times more if you follow this strategy

✔️ Why you really should forget what the ‘gurus’ tell you and look for CROWDED niches! (This contrarian strategy is guaranteed to blow your mind!)

✔️ And WAY Too Much To List Over Here!

Each title includes the info-packed PDF manuals with versions for Apple iBook, Google Book, Amazon Kindle, and ePub for any mobile device…

MODULE 2: Beautifully-Designed eCovers…

We hired an award-winning graphic artist to create these eCovers! We’ll also throw in some additional creatives that I’m sure you’ll love…

MODULE 3: Done-for-You and Fully-Hosted Professionally-Designed Website…

You’ll get your own Reseller Link and just turn around and make money off this product! The best part? You can start today!

MODULE 4: Direct Response Video Sales Letter

The VSL script is professionally written by a million-dollar copywriter who’s been in the industry for more than 2 decades!

MODULE 5: PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS including Banner ads, Promotional articles, and eMail Swipes!

All the promo materials to help you sell as many copies as humanly possible will be provided.

And more!

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