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PLR: The Reason Why Customers Should Pay Your Asking Price


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The Reason Why Customers Should Pay Your Asking Price

You’ve got a great offer. A prospect is hovering over your sales letter, taking it all in. They pause. They almost click the order button, but then they back out. They’re re-reading your sales letter as if searching for something.

What are they searching for? The answer…

They’re looking for a reason why they should pay what you’re asking.
They need a good, logical reason to buy.

Yes, people make a buying decision based on emotion, but we all need to justify it with logic. We should FEEL good about our buying decision and KNOW it was a worthwhile investment.  You must show prospects why it’s a smart purchase for them so they are excited about what your product promises them (emotion) and believe their purchase is a good use of their money (logic).

And this book shows you how to give them what they’re looking for so you can start “achieving more profit while assisting more people.”

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