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PLR: 2 Major Pitfalls Of Pricing To Avoid At All Costs


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2 Major Pitfalls Of Pricing To Avoid At All Costs

When it comes to pricing, there are two major mistakes you can easily make: under pricing and over pricing. Both of them can be detrimental to your business.

Sidebar:  Let me share a simple, but staggering truth with you.  Many people price themselves out of business by charging too little for their products.  There simply isn’t enough volume for most people to make a sustainable living with the low-price, “Wal-Mart” model.  At the $10 price point it would take 10,000 sales to generate six-figure revenue.  For most people that is simply not a realistic option … and certainly couldn’t be sustained for the long-term.  And that’s just the “under pricing” reality.  What about “over pricing”? These are both big problems that destroy many sellers.  That’s why this course will help you figure out where to land on price point so that you get sustainable orders.

And inside this book, you’ll find out what signs to look for in your business that might mean you’re making one of these two big mistakes.  Then, we’ll address how to correct them!

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